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photo by Ryu Kodama
hair-make by Satomi Nakayama

About Yuko Kajihara

Yuko Kajihara, who was born in Fukuoka, learned pastel, oil and water painting. She studied graphic design at Tomoeda Design school after graduated college. She won a bronze medal at an anti-drug poster contest held in Kumamoto. Her works attracted art lovers of all ages in various exhibitions held in Kyushu. After she came to Tokyo, acrylic painting was added to her repertoire.

She launched her project, 'Atelier C'est Chouette' in 1993. Her works are displayed at the Salon Blanc International Exhibition of Contemporary Art since 2008. You will always find something delightful in her works.

Based in Tokyo, she is engaged in various activities including branding her original goods ('Design de Yuko'), creating her own works and holding her art classes. She always shares joy of art with her students in her painting classes. She is a member of the Salon Blanc Art Association.

Held Exhibitions
2002 Rosalien Cafe
2003 Tsuruya Gallelry
2004 Kamitori Post office Gallery2005 Private lodge Gallery
2006 Washington Hotel Gallery
2007 Washington Hotel Gallery
2008 Poisson d'avril Gallery

For those who have attended my exhibitions, THANK YOU for your smiles,
kind words of incouragement and support.
You really helped me during the rough times.